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The unique, handmade soft dolls by Rubens Barn.
What really makes Rubens Barn so unique is the welcoming happy feeling you get when holding one of these dolls in your arms.
"Barn" means children in Swedish which makes it easier to understand the name of the dolls, Rubens Barn.
Rubens Barn dolls are simply providing an unique design and superior quality.
The first 6 dolls, Rubens Barn Original, were designed in 1996.
Stimulate children of all ages to happily playing with Rubens Barn dolls, a lot of accesoires are available, like extra clothes and accessories.
The happy Rubens Barn Team is situated in a small countryside village named Bollebygd, just east of Göteborg, Sweden.
So, welcome to the world of Rubens Barn, a company with unique, soft and happy dolls for all ages!