Therapy dolls and puppets

Therapy dolls and puppets are created to support bonding, relaxation, emotional learning and mirroring.

They are efficient tools which can help children and adults build relationships and gain confidence, because they have a remarkable human trigger. They open up opportunities for exploring and developing the understanding of emotions. Within the context of play, opportunities for referring to the doll's imaginary feelings are constantly provided.

Rubens Barn dolls

This ist the wonderful collection of fabulous Rubens Barn dolls. Each doll is designed to share and experience emotions, situations, atmosphere like fantasy, suggestion, inspiration, feeling of security, closeness, joy, sorrow and so on. The innovative design concept with carefully sculptured soft faces and delicately embroidered eyes reflects the loving, realistic and charismatic expression. Made by detailed, specific manual work at 100 %. Each character has its own precious look and personality to complement its owner. But for all that each Rubens Barn doll gives its owner plenty of leeways to be filled with specific emotions, contents, requirements and situations. The dolls are also excellent in the care of dementia sufferers.

Joyk dolls - therapy dolls

Joyk therapy dolls are exactly like dolls have to be: soft, warm, cuddly and spontaneous sympathetic.

Each of the Joyk dolls has its own charisma, a particular expression and appealing eyes. They have a soft filling, their balance point is far at the back, so that you have to carry them just like babies. They are created for interactions and meaningful play. This makes them perfect for therapeutical use. Joyk therapy dolls are supplied with the clothing shown on the picture (design of clothing can change). With their buxom botties they are sitting in the arm like a real baby. They look at you with their big eyes and seem to listen carefully.

Some of them have sexual characteristics, others don't, so they can be either boy or girl.

Living Puppets - therapy hand puppets

Living puppets therapy puppets are extremely useful for therapeutic purposes. Part of their success is certainly due to the exeptional quality of the puppets, how simple they are to play and their loveable design.

Their sweet and cuddly faces and the used soft fabrics invite everyone to hug, cuddle and play.

More than 180 puppets belong to the Living Puppet family and the like-able puppets with a high educational value have already made themselves at home in children's rooms, nurseries and countless therapeutic institutions.