Raven Theo - baby hand puppet by HABA


As a cuddly soft hand puppet, the naughty raven Theo from the HABA classic Orchard becomes the new playmate and protagonist in the puppet theater. Thanks to its movable beak, big and small children can let the black raven speak, eat its cherry, or even snatch toys and children’s noses. Theo fits on the hands of puppeteers from 18 months and lets the children reenact their favorite stories or simply invent themselves. Cheeky raven in the orchard, loyal companion on adventures or simply a funny bird who loves cherries - with Theo the children can let their imagination run free.

The HABA hand puppet is washable at 30°C (in gentle cycle)

The hand puppet is suitable for the hands of children and adults.

Typ: hand puppet
Playability: beak
Height approx.: 25 cm