Living Puppets hand puppet Woozle Goozle (45 cm)


Species: Woozle
Inventor, scientist, researcher, presenter & roommate.
Can invent anything (rarely works as intended)
Loves explosions

Woozle Goozle is an inventor, scientist, and researcher. He is not human, but a Woozle, which coincidentally is also his first name. He has been living in the human world for several years, where he co-hosts a children’s educational show with human co-presenters.

Woozle can invent the most incredible things in no time, things that even the world's best engineers would struggle with. Due to his impatience, almost all inventions are underdeveloped. Malfunctions, unwanted side effects, and explosions are the consequences. However, Woozle doesn't particularly mind. Inventing is an end in itself for him, boredom is a punishment, and explosions are his raison d’être.

Woozle is an adult, at least in the Woozle sense. That means, he has moved out of his home, has a profession, and is allowed to order dynamite without others' consent. That’s about it.

Woozle is impulsive and often acts quite egocentrically. Nevertheless, he has his heart in the right place and his friends are important to him. He doesn't want to endanger anyone with his inventions, but he accepts it as a necessary evil. In the fervour of inventing, he sometimes disregards all caution. With Woozle as a friend, it is never boring, but often exhausting, as he demands a lot of attention.

Woozle lives according to his own logic, which doesn’t necessarily match that of his human friends. He views the habits and rules of the human world from an outsider's perspective and is not yet familiar with all matters. He chooses for himself which rules make sense to him – and especially which do not. Most often, he finds a very unique approach to them. In this way, he reflects the child's view of the adult world and allows viewers to playfully engage with rules and taboos.

He often misunderstands things, for example, taking them literally. If Woozle wants to become a disaster helper, it’s because he believes it involves helping the disaster. There’s no malice behind it.

The mouth can be easily moved using the hand hole in the back of the puppets head. Hands and arms are also playable.

The hand puppet is designed to fit both - adults and childrens hands.

Washing instructions: Wash at 30 degrees / Do not bleach / Do not tumble dry / Do not iron / Do not dry-clean

Typ: hand puppet
Playability: mouth, hands
Height approx.: 45 cm