Joyk dolls - empathy doll Marco


Marco represents a child aged between 3 and 6 years. The body language is very natural because this doll can sit, lie with straight legs and even walk (of course with help). Its proportions are adjusted so that it can also wear „proper“ baby clothes.

Empathy dolls can take on the role of a loved one in therapy. Because of their soft body and clear face structure, with the „real“ snub nose, they arouse the affection, trust and the natural caring instinct. In the design of the facial features the eyes were given a special meaning. There was a lot of emphasis on it, in order to seem like there is a constant eye contact. This peculiarity serves to develop a strong emotional bond. These dolls can sit or lie down and can be involved in all areas of everyday life. When you take meals they are a supportive company or a caring companion when falling asleep. This is how the day can be experienced together. Marco has no realistic gender characteristics, so the doll can be used with other clothing as a girls or a boy.

The scope of delivery only includes the empathy doll Marco. The Joyk doll Marco is supplied with the clothing shown on the picture (design of clothing can change).

Because of his relatively high weight, Marco is not suitable as a toy for children in kindergarten or toddlers.

Material: The body of the doll is made of elastic, easy-care and skin-friendly stretch material (100% polyester), the clothes of 100 % cotton.

Care: Marco is washable up to 40°C (in the wool washing or hand washing program, alternatively hand wash), the clothes are machine washable up to 30°C.

Typ: stuffed doll
Height approx.: 65 cm
Weight approx.: 1370 g