Hand puppet rabbit in a lettuce with 3 finger puppets - Puppet Company


Hand puppet rabbit in lettuce with 3 finger puppets.

Both front paws and the rabbit’s mouth are playable. The rabbit can hide completely in the lettuce by pulling back the hand.

The lettuce is quite elaborately designed and offers the possibility of being completely defoliated thanks to many small Velcro fasteners between the individual lettuce leaves. Conversely, the 3 finger puppets can hide wonderfully between the leaves (the finger puppets can be inserted between the leaves, but are then not playable).

The finger puppets included in the set consist of the following figures:

a ladybird

a green caterpillar

a yellow butterfly

This set is suitable for children aged 3 and over, but is also particularly suitable for adults to play with.

The surface of the figures in the set is washable.

The rabbit in the lettuce is approx. 30 cm tall and the finger puppets are each approx. 9 cm tall.

Typ: hand puppet, finger puppet
Playability: mouth, forlegs, can hide, set