Hand puppet Ms. Magpie (Pittiplatsch) - by Heunec


Mrs. Magpie sits high up in the tree in her nest, sorting through her countless hats and necklaces. As so often, the noise coming from Mr. Fox’s den is almost unbearable to her. She hears every step and stomp all the way up here. Just you wait, Mr. Fox! Mrs. Magpie is about to give you a piece of her mind.

Mrs. Magpie has been a staple of the popular children’s TV series “Unser Sandmännchen” for over 60 years. Together with her friends, she experiences many funny stories and ushers in bedtime for children, both young and old, every evening. With the fun hand puppet made of extra soft plush, the quarrels of the iconic bird lady with her friend “Mr. Fox” can be wonderfully reenacted, and own stories can be told.

Mrs. Magpie from the evening greeting show Pittiplatsch of the Sandman as a hand puppet, with embroidered eyes.

Made of Softwool material, washable at 30°C (on a gentle cycle).

Typ: hand puppet
Playability: wings, head
Height approx.: 27 cm