Finger puppet set with 6 items - Sandmännchen und seine Freunde - by Heunec


The popular characters of the evening greeting show Pittiplatsch of the Sandman as finger puppets.

The set includes the following finger puppets: Sandman, imp Pittiplatsch, duck Schnatterinchen, Mr. Fox,

Mrs. Magpie, dog Moppi.

with embroidered faces

Made of Softwool material, washable at 30°C (on a gentle cycle).

Pittiplatsch, called Pitti for short, is a small, black imp with a big mouth and a big heart. He is curious, mischievous, and quite lovable. His actions are well-intentioned, often though not entirely selfless, and unfortunately, they mostly go awry. Then he is totally dismayed and promises to be “veeery nice” in the future!

His most important dialogue partners evolved to be Schnatterinchen the duck and Moppi the dog.

While Schnatterinchen is always friendly, polite, and helpful, Moppi occasionally shows rough traits and can certainly stand up to Pitti.

A trademark of the series were the ongoing quarrels between the two characters, reminiscent of a married couple, who, however, always addressed each other formally, did not live together, and quickly made up after a quarrel. Mr. Fox always lived in his den and “Little Magpie” in her nest. Unlike the kind and nice inhabitants of Fairyland, the two bickering characters seemed somewhat more anarchistic, which probably explains their popularity among children. Legendary were some of Mr. Fox’s sayings and exclamations like “Hassassassassassass”, “Kreuzspinne und Kreuzschnabel” or “Kuckucksei und Wiedehopf”. Furthermore, Mr. Fox occasionally sang the song “Der Fuchs geht durch den Wald”, which follows the melody of the song “Das Lied von der Post”.

Typ: finger puppet
Height approx.: 10 cm